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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX News  December 16, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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you all will come together and you live one another. >> you speak eloquently to the nation. that the importance of your faith in community in embracing each other and not just by physical presence. ♪ ♪ brand-new hour of the continuing coverage of the tragedy in newtown with the president to arrive in contract connecticut. we'll get there. welcome. i'm rick folbaum.
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>> i'm arthel nevil. the president is to address the nation at one of the worst mass shootings in u.s. history. it's the fourth trip to a shas shooting to an american city. going to ed henry in newtown with the latest. ed, tell us about the president's evening there in connecticut, what is expected. >> reporter: as the mentioned the first visit since the tragedy, remember that all this latest out so horribly at the elementary school which is still basically a crime seen. the high school behind me is where there will be an interfaith prayer service where the president will speak, really the first time since we saw him friday choke back tears at the white house as he talked about this awful tragedy. he will be meeting before the interfaith prayer service with
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families of some of the victims, so many of the victims so young. very difficult. also, he'll be meeting with the first responders to thank them for all they have done not just in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy but since then. i spoke with someone from the red cross, a gentleman from north carolina. he says there is about hundred red cross volunteers, helping the clergy and helping others cope with this. that is what the red cross and majority and others are doing is basic counseling services. >> presidential, of course, but it seems his advice sit personal as well and certainly we're hearing politicians talking about gun control. do we think the president is going to touch on that at all. >> i'm told the president will not be touching on those issues. a lot of people are talking about gun control and mental
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health control issues. president believes that is not the time nor the place at the interfaith service to discuss those. he will focus his remarks on prayer and remembrance. those remarks on friday. the president suggested on friday in days and weeks ahead he believes action needs to be taken. he was pressed on some of these sunday shows. mayor michael bloomberg saying now is the time to act and not a vague promise, he needs to follow-up on gun control. there are others wait a second, don't try to capitalize with some sort of legislation that may not be the right prescription. there will be a big debate but i'm told the president will not talk about that instead talking about prayer and remembrance. on friday he said he and first lady would hug their own children a little tighter this weekend. before the president is heading to connecticut just a short time ago he was at his daughter's
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dance rehearsal that is coming up. he is thinking about all of this as a parent and not just as a president. >> as we were speaking, he is in fact on the way there. we are looking at live pictures the andrews air force base. i wanted to get back to our discussion, you said that you don't anticipate the president to address the issue of gun control i would imagine, you are there on the ground, i would imagine at this point the parents there, people in that community aren't necessarily looking for the president to issue those words or to talk about that topic swnroor they are not. you are absolutely right. i met a gentleman that helped us park in front of the high school the building behind me as some of the security tightening anticipating the president's rival and i spoke to this
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gentleman. he knew two people that worked at the elementary school, one of them the principal who so tragically died. he said right now, a lot of people are talking about the fact the principal lives down the street from where i am broadcasting right now. i spoke to this gentleman and he said his own son, his young son, knew somebody at the school who thankfully had not perished there, but had was an eyewitness to what some of what had played out. while thankful was alive was struggling what he heard and sue that day. they are talking about what played out. how they are coming together as a community. as i mentioned it will be a great debate and not talking about that here today. >> rick: we're seeing the president who stepped off marine one to his way to air force one for his trip.
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we remember the peach speech he made in the aftermath that involved gabrielle giffords the speech that a lot of people praised in which he talked about doing something meaningful to prevent these kinds of things from happening again. almost the same words he used in the remarks he made on friday from the white house. yet, this president has not suggested anything specific what that might mean meaningful. what are white house aides telling you behind the scenes if he is not going to mention anything specific tonight in connecticut, at what point should we dppt him to talk about those meaningful solutions? >> reporter: after the tragic shooting in colorado at the movie theater, president was on the scene and talked again about action that could be taken. he is facing pressure from mayor bloomberg and others.
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white house aides are saying privately he doesn't think it's time to jump on it immediately. he want to talk about having the nation come together. that pressure is not going to go away especially from democrats that want to see action. i have seen this before with other presidents but stepping away from gun control. people making assumptions but all of a sudden the partisanship in washington will disappear. you are right to mention gabrielle giffords, president made dramatic remarks in tucson about coming together. within weeks if to the days, both parties in washington were fighting it out on various issues and not necessarily coming together. the president spoke very eloquently on friday. you heard republicans like john boehner noting that and saying he spoke for the entire nation. on saturday, normally you would have the republicans give their weekly address.
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this weekend, john boehner said that it would be time for the president to speak for the entire nation. no reason for a republican response. you have at fiscal cliff and other issues that will have to be fought out on another day. there will be some coming together. we saw instances like this bring the parties together but split apart in days or weeks later. >> rick: thanks very much. >> we want to remind viewers tune in tonight 6:00 p.m. eastern of coverage of the president's visit. he will be attending and programming be hosted by bret baier, watch it happen live here on fox. >> rick: first funeral for one of the children that was shot is set for tomorrow. boy's uncle describes him as smart as whip. his twin sister was also in the
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school at the time of the shooting but she was assigned to a different classroom. she survived. the family says he considers his twin sister his best friend and they were inseparable. >> another victim was olivia rose, her parents said their daughter loved going to school. she did well in math, reading and art. olivia was also expected to take part in a church performance last friday night. she was to play the part of an angel. coming up we'll have a live report with more stories of the precious lives lost there. >> rick: as the nation mourns the victims of this tragedy, we are learning more details. authorities say that the gunman shot his mother multiple times in the head before going to the elementary school where he gunned down all those people including 20 chin. investigators are chasing leads that they hope my cast light on
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the life of this gunman. tell us the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: the latest on the investigation is there was a lot of attention made to one wounded survivor. police said today they, indeed, were two people that were wounded made it out of that school. they have been con n contact with police. a lost attention was paid to to three different weapons used in that assault, assault wildlife and two side arms. police indicated that there were four weapons, one long wildlife and three side arms but they did not say all the side warms were found in one location. they are gathering evidence and information related to a motive but not releasing any partial information about the big question, the reason why this happened. >> we have to complete the investigation. we have to have the whole picture before we can say
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hopefully how and why this occurred. that is not going to come very quickly. >> reporter: and final autopsies were performed on the last two bodies taken from the crime scenes. those were the bodies of the mother, nancy and the gunman himself. there is now information coming from the medical examiner that the mother was shot multiple times in the head. we've got a report through the associated press she was shot four times and still wearing pajamas in bed when police arrived on the second crime scene. the gunman as you may have predicted died from a single gunshot wound to the head. >> rick: so the police obviously with their hands full regarding those two crime scenes but they have to deal with troublemakers? >> it really seems that way. during math today there was threat called in to the st. rose catholic church. this has become such an important place for community to
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get together. during mass today a threat went to harm individuals inside that church according to a spokesman. out of an abundance of caution the church was evacuated and state troopers arriving storming into the church itself but a couple surrounding buildings. there is deliberate misinformation going out over the internet. they say there are people getting on the internet posing as the gunman himself and putting out information. also making it look like they are putting out official re leases. state there police and federal investigators are taking that very seriously. >> the information can in fact has in fact is threatening. it's been inaccurate. people posing as other people and discussing with federal authorities, they believe is violation of state or federal law and warrants an investigation. anybody that is perpetrated that
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go information could in fact be subject to arrest and be prosecuted federally. >> reporter: discussion needs to be had is getting surviving students back into class school board said they will go back to another school, a nearby school chalk hill school that is currently empty but they are not specifying when the students will be back in school. >> rick: mike, thanks so much. >> school security taking center stage in the wake of the school tragedy as parents prepare to take them back to school in the morning. many of them are wondering what can be done to make sure their children are safe. dominic? >> reporter: the measures to keep school safe are well established. they are saying what is needed is great implementation by schools and better coordination with authorities and they say
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that is not hard to do. >> we don't need to teach kindergarteners throw things but we need to focus on training your staff, having lock down drills, working cooperatively with police that take more time than they do money. >> reporter: there have been another cuts in school budgets in federal and local levels but experts we just heard from we may need more money for radios or police officers or extra counselor, many don't require money and they require time. good example in many schools only administrators can order a lockdown. that should changed. >> that is unacceptable. if you are in a school where only your administrator is allowed to do a lockdown, then we need to have some training to empower you and train you on how to do one yourself.
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because any adult in that building that sees a dangerous situation should be able to carry out a life saving function. >> reporter: and adults like the janitor or non-teachers. all the experts we spoken to to make sure that school safety is prevention and crisis planning and really part of the training agenda for educating professionals. >> thank you very much. i want to let you know. we're going to have a lot more with ken trump, president of national school safety and security services. >> rick: the story of a similar tragedy soon to get lost in the shuffle. one that had a much different ending. hours before the newtown massacre, a man burst into a elementary school in china and attacked 22 children and along with an elderly woman but rather
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than use a rifle this man had only a knife. not one person was killed. all were slashed and injured but they also all survived. a massive tragedy averted there. such a different story here. police in china say the man that was apparently mentally 81 now in custody. >> now the victims in china may have survived, america is coming to terms with the loss of 26 lives as teachers, parents and neighbors struggle to make sense of this senseless crime for themselves as well as the kids who have to return to american school system this week that will likely be forever changed. >> it's being a teacher and having to talk with my kids what was happening while we were watching online unfold. not allowing them to have safety anymore, they should be able to go to school. >> this is horrible, little kids
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>>. >> arthel: as the nation grieves
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for the lives lost, stories of herism are emerging like 29-year-old teacher whose quick thinking saved the lives of 14 students. >> she had to do this to save herself and her kids to get into the bathroom. she shut her door. she turned off the lights. she tried to block the bathroom door a little bit. she just did it. asked them to be quiet. they were remarkable kids. >> i'm really proud of her. >> arthel: one of many reasons why we love teachers. police knocked on the door, kaitlin refused to respond until police slid their badges underneath the bathroom door.
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>> rick: new study by the consumer financial protection bureau showing when rating out personal credit scores, ratings rely on credit card use as opposed to rent or tuition or car loans. this is bad news at a time when a lot of us are loading up on credit cards to cover holiday shopping lists. joining us is brenda buttner, anchor of "bulls and bears." thanks for being here. bottom line if you want a good credit score, take care of your credit card bill? >> it's amazing how much weighs on credit scores. 58%, compare to mortgage lenders to 7% as well as educational lenders. so taking care of your credit is incredibly important. it's important if you want to rented a home or any kind of loan at all. it's really important.
12:23 pm
>> rick: what happens if you have a bad credit score, you had a rough as so many people in a rough economy and you fell behind a little bit. your credit score has dipped. what does that mean for you? >> that means it's going to be really hard to get a loan. it will be hard to rent a place. it affects anything, if you want to borrow or get credit, it will impact your ability to do so. basically what the credit score looks at is your ability to repay a debt. if you haven't been repaying debt particularly on credit card someone is going to look at that and low credit score. because of that, why should eric giving them money if they are not willing to pay it back in the past. >> rick: let's talk about balances. everybody gets a statement. you can pay the minimum amount or you can pay it off in full. as far as maintaining good
12:24 pm
credit score what is thing to do? >> definitely pay off the minimum. if you can't pay that off that is going to give you a black spot on your credit report. if you have the ability to pay off the balance, of course, that is the best thing to do from a personal finance standpoint because you are going to avoid all the interested fees. it doesn't impact your credit scores you are going to get out of hole a little bit quicker. >> rick: what about folks that are buying christmas presents and store says would you like to get one of our store credit cards. we'll take 30% off your purchase today. >> most people do because you get a discounted. the problem is if you are not going to vigilant about maintaining these retail cards, it's really going to cost you more in the end than just that little discount that you get. unfortunately during these hard times we're discovering that
12:25 pm
people are really using their credit cards for more than just wants and needs, 30% are buying things like grocery and paying utility bills on credit cards. >> rick: maybe a good idea during the holiday shopping season to put the credit card away and buy things with cash. i wanted to go back to the idea of the credit score. you might be able to get credit or get a loan but the interest rates might go up? >> right. that is absolutely right. you can still get a loan but you will paying a lot more. it's basically the price of money. that is what credit is. >> rick: so people who have taken a hit on their credit score, how long does it take to dig out of that? >> you can do it. just make eight resolution for next year to start paying off the minimum for example. it doesn't take so long every
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month if it is consistent, that is key. >> rick: brenda buttner, you can see "bulls and bears" saturday morning at 10:00. thanks so much. >> arthel: the families of the victims of the connecticut school shooting is now speaking out and the stories and what they want to know about their children. a live report from newtown straight ahead. >> [ male announcer ] this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news
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>>. >> arthel: welcome back. we're going to get back to developments in newtown in just a moment.
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congressional hearings on benghazi terror attacks getting underway next week but without secretary of state hillary clinton taking part in them. state department says she will not testify because she suffered a concussion following a fall. still, hearings will go on and chairwoman is making it clear she wants secretary clinton to testify at some point. she joins me now. good to see you congresswoman. >> good afternoon. >> arthel: at this point we have two senator state department officials set to testify and secretary clinton's place. do you think they are sufficient proxies or only secretary of state can provide satisfying answers and only her? >> we certainly wish the secretary a full and speedy recovery, but it's a deep disappointment not only to the members of our foreign affairs committee but more importantly
12:32 pm
to the american people she will not be there to answer for the terrorist attack in benghazi, libya that resulted in the murder of four americans, stevens, smith, woods and doherty. these were brave americans that were serving our nation and an attack on our consulate is an attack on america. in this, we will have two of her deputies, phil burns and tom nies and they will provide a report about how to prevent a future benghazi. they are not a substitute for the secretary. we have asked herself to make available to the committee once she recovers. day before open hearing we will be hearing from the two gentlemen that were in charge of review, tom pickering and ambassador mullen. they will provide this in a
12:33 pm
classified setting because the report will not be made public due to security concerns. that has been the problem with the administration. they wanted to have all of the hearings and all of the briefings in a secured setting but the american people want to know what the state department and all of our agencies are doing to keep our diplomats safe. we all deserve an open answer in a transparent setting. >> arthel: is it possible for you and your colleagues to hear and collect all the information at these hearings, and then properly inform the american people so that in the event that raw testimony, if you will, some secrets are not divulged. is that possible so the american people won't feel cheated in the end? >> that is an excellent question. this is american taxpayer dollars at work. they are funding the operations, not just the consulate and the embassies but also the security
12:34 pm
in our island of democracy. we want to make sure american taxpayer dollars are used wisely we don't need to spend more money. we need to spend the money we have in a better way. in benghazi the reports we have heard that there were calls and they were very clear requests for added security. those requests were not heeded. i know that congress would have fully funded any of these security requests. we want to use taxpayer dollars wisely. >> arthel: we're short on time. i know that those are the points you want to have answered for sure. i know that you are very adamant about hearing from secretary of state clinton. have you heard any information from her office that she might
12:35 pm
be able to talk to the special hearings? how does that work? >> we have made it very clear to her office that we do expect her to testify. she has every expectation she will be testifying, but unfortunately as you know, she has already stated she will be stepping down. there are pretty good reports that senator kerry who is now heading the senate foreign relations committee will be taking her spot. i fear because of the shuffle that is going on we may not be able to hear from secretary clinton on the benghazi terrorist attack. we will be a poorer nation for it. >> arthel: there is no way secretary clinton steps down and new secretary of state is in place, there is no way to call mrs. clinton back to testify? >> we hope that she will fulfill her desire to come before our committee. we hope that will happen.
12:36 pm
they have not shut the door on that, but i know as robert frost says, who knows what will happen. we have every expectation she will. that is our strict request and we hope she makes good on it. >> arthel: is there any way to ensure that these hearings will not be politicized? if you want the american people to get the real answers you have to keep politics out of it. >> it's very hard to keep politics out of anything we do in congress. what we're talking about is terrorist attack with four americans lost their lives, even though they requested more security and more help. we want to know what went wrong and to prevent another benghazi. american lives are at stake all over the world. we are targets. we want to make sure that another benghazi is not going to happen and only way you can do
12:37 pm
that is examine what happened with this one. >> arthel: congresswoman, thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. >> rick: we are learning new details about the precious lives that were lost in the sandy hook school shooting massacre. 20 children, eight adults. molly is live in newtown. this is what everyone has been dreading to have to learn about these lives that were ended so soon. >> we're just beginning to hear about the six women and 20 children whose lives were taken in this massacre, stolen away from their friends and loved ones. six-year-old emily parker, she was big sister. her grieving father, robbie parker described her as a little girl, blonde and always smiling.
12:38 pm
she was a budding artist who would spread her kindness through drawings and always kept art supplies nearby. >> olivia was just six years old. family and friends have created a memorial fund on facebook. that is filled with christmas themed photos. other families are also suffering but their children survived. earlier this morning on fox news sunday. robert had a chance to speak with kris wallace. his son was -- chris wallace. take a listen. >> the children witnessed the shooter coming into the room, shoot his teacher, continue firing, the children acted on instincts and what they were taught and to run. they did, they just ran off to the main road, hundred yards away. my son and several other
12:39 pm
students were extremely brave in what they did. >> reporter: many of the parents whose children survived feel a sense of being fortunate but at the same time it's a bittersweet feeling because they know so many other parents are suffering such extreme grief. >> rick: molly, thank you. >> arthel: and amid that sorrow and grief the question many are asking this weekend, what set the gunman on the path that made him commit one of the most infamous crimes in history. a former detective with the new york police department. good morning, patrick. police are collect very good good evidence they got at his home. what are authorities may be looking for at this point? >> they are trying to reconstruct not just the movements going backwards of
12:40 pm
adam but his entire lifestyle. they want to connect the dots and tie together e-mails and voicemail messages. to reconstruct not only how it happened but why it happened. >> arthel: that is the question we are hoping to find some answers to. connecticut state police also saying there is a woman who was wounded in the shooting. saying that she is instrumental in the investigation at this point. who might else be able to help provide crucial information at this time? >> the woman that they are referring to is the vice principal that survived when the psychologist and principal lunged left side at the shooter. they have other things, what in particular what he said. this is an interviewhe children. that will be a long, painful process. so this adult sbiev is a
12:41 pm
potential key witness. >> arthel: at what point will some of the children have provided eyewitness accounts. will authorities to have sit them down and further question them as to what they saw, what they heard. >> it's an active investigation with many moving parts. there is lot of things that are unanswered and certain unmitigated facts. i would speculate they would begin that painful process of massaging out various eyewitness details from the children in the coming days. >> arthel: then there is computer that was found at the shooter's home. what might be on that computer that authorities will be looking for? >> they will be interested in all activity on that computer. e-mails in and out. content of e-mails, various sites that the shooter may have visited and what the relevance
12:42 pm
to the broader picture. understand they will want to reconstruct the lives from the three weapons, from the work bench until 9:40 a.m. on friday the 14th because there may have been other shootings attached to those weapons. >> arthel: is there any possibility that someone will be held culpable in terms of paying a criminal price for this, criminal charges? >> it's difficult to say. it's an evolving case but the initial facts as they have been ascertained seem to support the sole shooter and sole shooter culpability. at this juncture it seems like adam lanza alone from the facts we know. >> as authorities collect information in the coming days and weeks and perhaps months
12:43 pm
perhaps we will at some point find out why which will not change that horrific event that took place. i appreciate your analysis today. >> rick: tomorrow is a school day and calls for stronger security measures at our nation's schools getting loud they are the wake of this massacre. some experts say there isn't much more that can be done to improve campus safety. where do american schools stand right now? the president of the national safety and security administration weighs in next. as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%.
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>>. >> arthel: the connecticut tragedy thrust school safety back in the national spotlight.
12:48 pm
using security measures, check ins and metal detectors. what can we do to make sure that our schools are safe. joining us is ken trump. you are a consultant for schools and you help them device plans to keep schools safe. i'm going drop my kindergartener off to school tomorrow morning and i'm going to walk away and i'm going to think is that school safe. how can we make sure? >> well, parents definitely need to send their kids to school tomorrow. school will be the safest place they can be but six years down the road we hope we're having the whole conversation that we're having today. one of those things we don't need to create a whole new playbook with new practices and procedures teaching kids to attack armed intruders.
12:49 pm
focus on the fundamentals and have crisis teams, support our school resource officers and police officers and look at those programs. look at the experience after columbine on building relationships with students to prevent violence. making sure schools are working with police and whole list of other things. a lot of things we need to do we need a little bit more money. a lot of school safety funds have been cut and we need most of all to spend more time working on this. >> rick: i think there would be a greater appetite or discussion about put something money back into the system for security needs. i talked to a guest yesterday, ken, who told me that all these shootings take place in what they call gun free zones. if teachers were armed and brave principal had been armed she might have been able to stop this. what are your thoughts on that? >> i strongly based school based
12:50 pm
police officers. our law officers were trained to with firearms. i think teachers want to be armed with textbooks in the schools to teach. officers have prevented many more tragedies than what we saw in newtown last week but we also need and sometimes to intervene. >> rick: i have to jump in. we appreciate you joining us. police are holding another press conference. that is lieutenant vance. let's listen. >> it's identified as nancy lanza. her birth dated is september 6, 1960. her death has been ruled as homicide. male suspect at sandy hook as been positively identified as adam lanza. his cause of death is gunshot
12:51 pm
wounds and his death has been ruled as suicide. there have been questions about weaponry. some of the information that can be released at this time. the weapon that was utilized most of the time during this horrific crime was identified as bushmaster ar-15 assault weapon. the subject had in his peafgs glock ten millimeter, six mill merely and .9 millimeter, all have multiple magazines. fourth weapon was a shotgun that was recovered from the suspect's vehicle that was parked outside of the school. that weaponry is going, as i said, going to be completely examined. it will be historically searched to attempt to determine every
12:52 pm
path those weapons took since they were manufactured, as much information as possible we can obtain relative to each and every weapon. what we stated this morning, but anyone that harasses, threatens or intimidates or interferes with the investigation, using social media of any type relative to this horrific crime will be fully investigated and fully prosecuted to the extent of the law. we are talking about that last. includes, in personal contact but also contact on the internet social media, telephone or any other means of communication. we again are asking and imploring members of the media to please respect the families' privacy. we are continuing to staff a line of communication to assist
12:53 pm
all families, all 26 families and we will do so for the colonel and state police indefinitely. i'll take a couple of questions. again, understanding that there are certain things we still cannot answer and cannot discuss. there was in fact a threat at the st. rose church here in newtown. the church and everything is taken extremely seriously. the church was evacuated as a precaution. it was thoroughly searched. we initiated a criminal investigation. i have no further details. i don't know the content of the threat. suffice it to say we treat these instances as versus crimes. and if perpetrator is identified
12:54 pm
that individual will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. >> the phone calls? >> that is as much information as i have. >> did he use handguns at all. >> i do not know the weapon that nancy was shot with. i don't know that. bushmaster was used as explained yesterday in the school in its entirety and healing was used to take his own life. it's a directory of the shots, all of the ammunition used in this horrific crime will be examined and thoroughly reported in the report. i don't have that information to
12:55 pm
be able to special late. high capacity, multiple high capacity magazines. approximately 30 rounds per magazine. hundreds of bullets, yes. >> was it a rifle or handgun. >> high capacity magazine for the rifle and multiple magazines for the rifle and multiple magazines for both handguns. i don't want to state that. i'm sure they did everything they could. i don't want to get into that specific detail at this time. again, motive as i discussed earlier, that will come as we finish the investigation. we can't piecemeal it. we don't have a specific reason we can stand here and say this occurred. we will and we are searching diligently and nonstop to answer
12:56 pm
that question. the time shrine being established by investigators. that is the best i can do with that. go ahead. >> that's correct. we're still working with the superintendent of schools to do what is best. obviously it's an emotional time. the plan right now is still up in the air. they are finalize go the plans and we'll get that information out as soon as possible. as i said it's still to be determined. >> do we know how many shots were fired? >> that is impossible to say. we do know how many rounds we recovered. we do know how many shell casings we recovered but i don't have that information to give out. i would be speculating and guessing. >> how many magazines?
12:57 pm
>> again that is information that i'm not privy to. i don't have that to give you. many, many, hundreds. yes, sir, correct. sir? i don't know that. the question is he is coming to the town of newtown, the president of the united states. again, we don't discuss security for the president of the united states. suffice it to say significant security will be in place. no, sir. no time frame has been
12:58 pm
determined. >> are you making progress in determining.... >> we're pleased with the work that we're making. we're pleased with the progress we're making. this teed us on process, it will take many, many man-hours to put this picture together. the minute we have it, our objective is to make sure that you and members of the public receive that information as quickly as possible. we have a motive or motive we are prepared to discuss, that cannot happen. we just don't have that. i would again, i don't want to discuss the crime scene at all. we did seize a great deal of
12:59 pm
evidence. our detectives have executed numerous search warrants in this case. we do not detail the c of what we seize in any criminal investigation. i can toll you we were successful in seize ago great deal of information. all that evidence needs to be analyzed and it will be whether in our forensic laboratory or specialists as time goes on. we anticipate this is going to be the last discussion today. with the president coming in we have a great deal on our plate. if anything additional should surface we will post it on the state police website but we do not anticipate anything that should arise. if it arises, check on our website on a regular basis. we will be back here tomorrow morning, we'll shoot for 9:00. we want too keep you updated as much as we possibly can. by tomorrow morning, we'll have an idea


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